Handcrafted with passion

StMarque is a company which sells amazing designs to brave and creative people who want to wrap their car in an artwork printed on vinyl. It’s like a second skin for your car.

Feel inspired

Imagine that your car was no longer a machine to get you from A to B but it was a form of self expression. Not just the make and model which rolled off the production line in a big factory but something unique to you. Would you like to believe in the dream that you wouldn’t have to take the range of colours on sale at the showroom. Can you imagine it could be any colour you wanted and any design you wanted.

Breaking the mould

This is the dream I had. That the car could become a canvas for artwork. That the artwork could propel our self image further than the clothes that we wear or the art on our walls. That we could fill the roads with the joy we feel inside the car when driving with the music turned way up. That it could lead our recovery from the pandemic by filling the roads with fantasy, fun and fresh vibes. Just like the artwork on a wheat silo made something utilitarian an object of delight.

What do we do?

StMarque is a place where amazing artists and designers can share their art with those brave
enough to wear it on their car. StMarque almost always does not own the designs, the copyright is retained by the artist. But we do arrange for their designs to be printed on vinyl by experienced printers who will then also apply the design to the vehicle. In time, we hope to have hundreds of thousands of artists sharing their imagination and their inspiration on our site. Then you get to choose whether you are brave enough to get your entire car done, or if you want just a little bit of personality on your car.

Is it paint? What is it?

It is a vinyl film wrap which we use to cover the existing surface of your car. The vinyl used is easily removed again without leaving any residue or damage to the vehicle and offers a perfect surface result in the appearance and color. Cleaning and care, depending on the choice of color, are no problem because the vinyls are wash, street & weather resistant and can be polished.

How is it applied?

You can be sure that you will receive wrap application work of the highest quality, executed with great care and technical know-how. To avoid damage to the vehicle and to ensure long term durability of the wrapping we only use experienced wrappers and the best quality Avery film. DNA Media is the exclusive provider of all print and wrap services to StMarque.

It’s a wrap

So in essence we share inspiring designs which you can match to how you would like to see yourself as you drive around and we help you get the designs applied by a wrapper who is experienced in applying the printed vinyl to your car for an amazing finish.

Who is Vasha?

Vasha comes from a family of artists. She respects and admires them and wants to see their creativity everywhere. She also has a passion for understanding people from her time in market research, these days spends a lot of time focussed on human centred design thinking. Her curiosity about unlocking how people think and making it an opportunity to bring their aspirations to life propel her.

Ready for the next big thing!

Vasha has launched a start up before. But after realising the financial challenges of start up life in Singapore she came back to Australia and knuckled down to put her kids through school. Until this idea just got too big.