FAQs for Creators

StMarque is a company which sells amazing designs to brave and creative people who want to wrap their car in an artwork printed on vinyl. It’s like a second skin for your car. We bring together the artist works with skilled team who will apply the work to your car from a custom template. All the customer has to do is click Yes, to drive less boring and they will receive a quote to proceed with the job.

  1. Join StMarque bring your design to car life – load your first design
  2. Terms and Conditions – we want to protect your IP. You retain the copyright.
  3. Account Set Up and Verification
  4. Your Marque Gallery: Design Visualisation and Pricing
  5. StMarque Account Details and Financials

We want you to join us to change the world one beautiful car at a time. Our mission is to empower brave and creative people to express themselves by putting an iconic marque on their car. You will be the creator of this marque! This means providing them with a print of an awesome artwork on vinyl for application on to their car. We will call these people Marquers. And you are the one to fulfil their dreams to express themselves differently. Our only condition. That you keep it nice, don’t defame, degrade or achieve your goals by bringing hate to StMarque.

St Marque supports artists from around the world by making it easier than ever to sell their art. We believe in creating supporting artists and rewarding them for their work, which is why a StMarque artist has total control of end user pricing and we make print and site costs visible to the artist as part of the final pricing. If you find your artwork is not selling you can reduce the price and if you find you are achieving a price premium to other artists you can increase the price. Your own marketing of your work will help you to command a higher price point on StMarque. So go out there and get famous!

We will sell your artwork on the StMarque site for each Marquers (purchaser) to have a single copy. This is like selling a print. This means we need a limited license for our printers and car dressers to print your artwork to the degree which you agree. Want there to be some rare works (you might be a banksy type) sure, be our guest. Want to see as many out there as possible. By all means . You tell us how many you will allow to be printed.

But to help those who want to purchase your design we ask that you give your design at least 5 descriptors to enable them to search. And let’s talk colour too. Please include as many descriptors of the colour as you can because we don’t want red or blue we want azure, we want tangerine and we want fern!

We will have a ‘contact the artist’ form which will enable them to contact you directly for any custom work. There is no cost for this, it is simply a matter of us monitoring the direct traffic. And if you see that direct enquiries which build your profile and success going up to your other contact points let us know. We will be delighted to be part of your success!