It’s a wrap. Your car art wrap is thin layer of adhesive printed vinyl (just like a large bumper sticker) which is laminated and applied to your car. The vinyl film used is easily removed again without leaving any residue or damage to the vehicles paintwork and offers a perfect surface result in the appearance and color. Our recommended installer uses premium vinyl and laminate combo product which has been vigorously tested under Australian conditions.

Our recommended install team are very experienced in applying wraps to all types of vehicles. You can be sure that you will receive work of the highest quality, executed with great care and technical know-how, to avoid damage to the vehicle and to ensure long term durability of the wrapping. All wrappers on our site will have reviews from current customers.

Your car will be lovingly wrapped in Dandenong South. We get it. It’s not close to everyone so we can arrange for a courier service if that suits you better. Yes, that means we will drive your car to Dandenong South for you so it’s important that your insurance will cover that.

Normally between .5 – 2 days, depending on the type of vehicle, size of the design and difficulty of the installation.

Absolutely, while we prefer to ensure you get the correct finish with a professional installation, we can ship the design to you and you can do it yourself. This is not available with full vehicle wraps.

Please Note: if you choose to DIY we do not take any liability for the product and if it the install must be rectified it will need to be reprinted at your cost.

Your art car wrap is not paint, it is a layer which goes over the existing painted surface of your car. If the original surface is uneven, scratched, bumped or broken the wrap cannot conceal these imperfections unfortunately and, in some cases, may not adhere either. Although in our experience, an awesome design will certainly distract from such issues.

Cleaning and care are no problem because the wrap films are wash, street & weather resistant. However, we strongly advise against using any sort of abrasive surface on your art car. For this reason, we strongly recommend against using any car washes which don’t involve hand wash and also no brushes even the most gentle. Please do not use high powered water jet cleaners either.

These are not part of the car art because they are not seen from the outside. Due to the mechanisms of opening and closing the doors the interior of the doors is almost impossible to wrap. So you will be able to see the original colour of your car when you open the door. It’s important that you are aware of this if there is any colour clash you want to make it an on purpose cool clash!

Your car art wrap will last anything from 3-5 years depending on sun exposure and keeping the vehicle clean and free from corrosive stuff like bird poop and tree sap etc etc. The lifespan and removal of the product depends on several factors. More information can be found here (link)

You are one of the bold few. Since your car art can be customised it is quite likely you are driving the only car like yours on the road. But if you want a different design and you know a designer you like. Please tell them about StMarque. We are looking for artists, designers and creators to join us.

We need you to provide your car clean from dirt, our installers then clean the application area with specialised surface cleaner. Rear lights, badges and other fitments are removed to assist with application.

We not only like to pay for the very best vinyl product, but also wonderful and experienced people to print and wrap your car. We want to give it the best possible finish and to do that we need to pay them well for their time.

We also give back to the artists who produced the design and StMarque takes a service fee for organising, printing, and storing the artwork and getting it to you via our website and socials.