Why do we as women feel more anxious about launching into a start up? Men feel anxious too but only 2% of start ups by women get funding. So quite rightly we might believe that the world has not taken us very seriously. The business I had in mind was a bold proposition. It was doing something in a space that didn’t exist. It was taking on a challenge which I didn’t have the technological knowledge to build by myself.


But what many people told me and what stuck with me with some great coaching is that I had the dream and the vision and the purpose to bring this into being. In my work day role no one tells me that I don’t have the experience to do what I’m doing just because I don’t’ understand everything that people are talking about technically. So why should I let that hold me back in the start up space. 

As women we will be the ones who don’t apply for the role because we only fit 80% of the criteria. No founder ever had every skill set they need to run a company. But they had a set of skills and determination and persistence to build something great. I’m so excited that the supporters I had helped me to realise this.