When nothing seems secure, the world has turned upside down, fear of the pandemic is peaking, your steady job has just made you part time and you’re worried about your husband losing his. This is the best time to start a new business, right?  Really, it isn’t?


The fact is, this was the first time in 5 years when my work was not all consuming and time to think about what excited, what engaged and what fulfilled was there.  And that is when my long time dream of turning a car into a vehicle for self expression was the vision that I could not sidestep any longer.


Because what The RONA taught me is that nothing has the same certainty that it once did. Where you live, what you eat, where you work, all these things are not solid but fluid.

What I learnt was to be authentic at work (which is now at home) and take the time to connect. It will build stronger bonds with colleagues and clients. Everything might be digital but it is all the more real because your work and your life are now one. So I spent the time to focus on who I really am and what I am really seeking to do because nothing else is solid.

So starting my purpose built business, focussed on self expression, was what happened. I started fearful. Why would I ever be able to do this? I started questioning whether this was just an elusive dream. But today I stand here with my website launched and supporting Australian artists who are awesome and who also happen to be women and indigenous. It is my lucky day! I am an ally and I will seek to put more back into indigenous lives than I profit from it. But it turns out these are the designs that came to me and I think the universe meant them to.